Safety Representation NISO Certificate

Safety Representation (NISO Certificate)

Safety Representation (NISO Certificate) is now available online.

Guidance from the Health and Safety Authority recommends a minimum standard of training for workplace Safety Representatives.

Safety Representation is a 2-day NISO Certified course.

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Who is it for?
This course is designed for both worker and manager safety representatives and safety committee members.


  • To provide an introduction to health and safety legislation;
  • the key functions of safety representatives prescribed under health and safety legislation;
  • workplace risk identification and control.

Course Content

  • Safety and health legal system
  • Role and functions of the safety representative
  • Communication skills for the safety representative
  • Hazard identification and carrying out risk assessments
  • Preparing and implementing the safety statement
  • Carrying out safety and health inspections
  • Accident investigation, recording and analysis
  • Sources of safety and health information
  • Risk-control and safety and health management at work
  • Fire safety

Additional Information

Delivery: The course includes both theory and practical exercises.
Modular format with informal discussions, a workshop and group work.
Materials: Participants will receive a training pack which includes slide notes, text notes and the Safety Representative Resource Book
Tutors: Our instructors are well qualified and experienced: they are health and safety professionals who can teach.
We pride ourselves, since 1988, of training health and safety professionals who contribute everyday to make Irish workplaces safer.
Assessment: Learning outcomes will be assessed.

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