Role and Services

Role and Services

NISO is working to help organisations reduce the number of fatalities and injuries that happen in Irish workplaces each year.

We  promote, through various activities, the positive role that organisations can play when they adopt a proactive approach to health and safety.  The All Ireland Safety Awards is an example of this.  Organised in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Safety Group (NISG), the scheme recognises and recompenses excellence in health and safety practices.

We provide a platform to exchange ideas and information in the area of health and safety for our members, within the organisation and outside, with governmental and statutory bodies as well as trade unions and trade organisations.

As a voluntary independent body with charitable status, NISO complements the information provided by the Health and Safety Authority, the Irish statutory public body responsible for the promotion and enforcement of occupational safety and health.


Role of NISO

Established in 1963, NISO is over fifty years in operation. We implement our mission in practical ways to remain valid and relevant:

  • With a not-for-profit ethos, an autonomous and wholly Irish operation
  • To disseminate new safety policy and regulations
  • To be of service to our members with an engaged and committed member network
  • With the commitment and leadership of the Executive Committee and the regional network of volunteers
  • By developing new training courses  and services to train new generations of health and safety professionals
  • By collaborating with NISG for the All Ireland Occupational Health & Safety Awards and the All Ireland Occupational Safety Quiz
  • By developing strategic alliances with commercial organisations to tackle specific safety and health at work campaigns
  • By providing a quality service with a smile to our members, clients and other health and safety stakeholders.


NISO Services

  • We organise training courses both in house and in-house facilitated by experienced instructors active in their field of expertise;
  • We keep our membership abreast of the latest news and developments in Health and Safety with regular communications;
  • We publish, for our members, a quarterly e-magazine, NISO Update, that features articles from industry leaders and discusses topical health and safety issues.  Here is a sample copy of the winter 2021 issue: Download Update Magazine



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