Types of Membership

Types of Membership

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Membership of NISO is open to any organisation or individual that wants to show its commitment to and who works towards the continuous improvement of Health, Safety and Welfare at Work in Ireland.

One person within the member organisation is the nominated point of contact.

Subscription to membership is on a yearly basis and carries worthwhile advantages including health and safety poster(s).

There are different types of membership organised in categories based on the number of employees:

  • Corporate 100+

    Corporate Membership for 100+ employees €615

  • Corporate 50-99

    Corporate Membership for 50 to 99 employees €510

  • Corporate 10-49

    Corporate Membership for  10 to 49 employees €320

  • Corporate 1-9

Corporate membership for 1 to 9 employees €210

  • Student

Student of a full time educational course or a part-time Health and Safety course €50


To help us help you make Irish workplaces safer:
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