What winners have said about the 2017 Safety Awards…

Jones Engineering Group – Winner; Supreme Award
Jones Engineering Group is honoured to receive the prestigious All Ireland Supreme Safety Award. It is a testament to our embedded safety culture and is a major endorsement of our continued commitment to the highest EHS standards, both within our company and within our many client companies. Our reputation for operating to the highest safety standards has helped us win prestigious global contracts.
Declan Grady, EHS Manager, Jones Engineering Group

Acacia Facilities Management – Winner; Distinction and Consistent High Achiever
For six consecutive years, Acacia has been recognised by NISO/NISG for our ongoing commitment to raising health and safety standards. Each year, the application process gives us the opportunity to systematically analyse our health and safety performance and we use this exercise to identify further improvement opportunities. The receipt of such a prestigious award acknowledges our passion and drive to become health and safety leaders within our industry. It also contributes to assurances for our clients and we are proud to share with them our continued successes.
Karen Hannon, EHS Manager, Acacia Facilities Management Ltd.

AE Global – Winner: Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing/Assembly Award
AE global are honoured and humbled to receive such a prestigious presidential category award in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly. This is confirmation that AEG have a robust occupational health and safety management system in alignment with NISO/NISG criteria requirements and is recognised by such a distinguished awarding body.
PJ McGee, HSE&Q Manager, AE Global

EMR Integrated Solutions – Winner; Distinction and Consistent High Achiever Award
EMR Integrated Solutions was very proud to obtain a high achiever award as it was a key objective for EMR in 2017. The High Achiever award reflects EMR’s continued commitment to health and safety within our organisation. The wellbeing of our staff is a key value of our organisational culture and one that we continually reinforce through ongoing training and guidance.
Derek Glynn, Chief Operations and Technical Officer, EMR Integrated Solutions

King and Moffatt Building Services – Winner; Distinction Award
King and Moffatt were delighted to receive their fifth safety award at the NISO/NISG 26th Annual Safety Awards ceremony. This award recognises the continued dedication of all King and Moffatt staff in supporting our proactive and continuous improvement culture with respect to Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment. The safety, health and welfare of our employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and visitors, along with the quality of projects undertaken by King and Moffatt, is of paramount and this award reflects best practice in the industry.
Joan Gallagher, EHSQ Manager, King and Moffatt Building Services

L&M Keating Ltd. – Winner; Higher Distinction Award
L&M Keating are delighted to receive a higher distinction safety award. L&M Keating recognise health and safety as an integral part our business process. Receiving this NISO/NISG safety award reflects and confirms L&M Keating’s continued commitment to the highest standard of health and safety but also recognises the collective culture adopted by our all staff and contractors.
Ian Lynch, Health and Safety Manager, L&M Keating Ltd.

P&D Lydon – Winner; Distinction Award
P&D Lydon is gratified to have won an award again this year in the NISO/NISG All Ireland Safety Awards. The awards illustrate the significance of health and safety within the winner’s organisations. They are a reassuring benchmark across all sectors and provide reassurance for customers and the general public to know that they are dealing with companies that put great effort to continually improve health and safety.
Megan Lydon, SHEQ Co-Ordinator, P&D Lydon

Surecom Network Solutions – Winner; Commended
Surecom Network Solutions is delighted to receive our first NISO/NISG Safety Award. Health and Safety is an important element of our business and at Surecom. Everyone works very hard to ensure that we are meeting the correct standards, while embracing continued improvement throughout our organisation. This award is a great reflection of our continued work and commitment to Health and Safety by all management and staff.
Gosia Przybylowska, Health & Safety Officer, Surecom Network Solutions

KD Group Winner; Regional Award (West)
The NISO/NISG Awards recognises the positive contribution to health and safety in Ireland. KD Group is delighted to have received the Regional Award (West) as continual acknowledgement of our health and safety standards, as validation of our management system and also to highlight areas of improvement to ensure we continue our low accident rate and to create a safe culture for all our employees and sub-contractors. These awards give you the opportunity to compile your health and safety information and get an overall picture of areas of where you are really strong and also areas that you may need some work on so that you provide the safest working environment for your employees.
Caroline Mullins, Health & Safety Manager, KD Group

Suir Engineering Limited Winner; Higher Distinction Award
Suir Engineering Limited is delighted to have received the NISO/NISG Higher Distinction Award this year. Suir Engineering is committed to promoting the highest standard of health and safety excellence within our business. The NISO/NISG awards provides us with an opportunity to recognise those involved in achieving our goals and in promoting a positive health and safety culture within our industry. I would Highly recommend the awards to any company, large or small, considering entering them.
Tom Prendergast, EHS Manager, Suir Engineering Limited

Winthrop Engineering Ltd. Winner; Presidents Award: Large Size Organisation
Following on from winning the Bronze Award in 2016, the President’s Award for Best Large Size Organisation and Consistent High Achiever Award is a further major achievement and recognition of Winthrop Engineering Ltd’s exceptional contribution to occupational safety, health and welfare. The awards are a major endorsement of our continued commitment to maintaining the highest EHS Management standards on all our projects. We believe that “Safety is no Accident”, and through the continued and consistent work put in by all of our team, we aim to exceed the highest safety standards recognised in industry.
Jimmy Savage, EHS Manager, Winthrop Engineering Ltd.

Cork City Council Winner; Distinction Award
Cork City Council was delighted to have achieved a Continuous High Achiever Award. This Award is testament to the investment the Council commit to the safety and health of its employees. The award recognises our safety management system combined with strong management leadership and the goal to achieve continuous improvement.
Paula Kennedy, Senior Executive H&S Manager, Cork City Council

W&H Alexander Ltd. Winner; Construction: Civil Engineering Award
W&H Alexander Ltd. are delighted to have received the Construction: Civil Engineering Award at the NISO/NISG Awards 2017.  We are extremely proud that the systems we have in place to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees is recognised through these prestigious awards which are highly regarded throughout Ireland.
Wendy Beatty, Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental Manager, W&H Alexander Ltd.

Musgrave Wholesale Partners – Winner; Retail/Wholesale Award
Musgrave Wholesale Partners is honoured to win the NISO/NISG Retail/Wholesale category for the fourth year running. We see the award as putting a “highly recognised seal of approval” on our colleagues’ hard work in “living” health and safety on a daily basis. We would encourage all companies to enter the NISO/NISG Awards as once buy-in is established there is a terrific safety dynamic throughout in preparing for the award and awaiting the results.
Mark Dunne, Health and Safety Manager, Musgrave Wholesale Partners

ACB Group – Winner; Highly Commended
ACB Group was delighted to receive a Highly Commended award in 2017. We are dedicated to accomplishing high health and safety standards in every aspect of our business and we would recommend any organisation considering entering the awards to do so.
Gillian O’Donoghue, SHEQ Compliance Executive, ACB Group