Mobile and Home Working Assessors Course

Mobile and Working Assessors Course

NISO Certification

Mobile and Home Working Assessors Course is a 1-day NISO Certified course.
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Course Rationale:
How we work has changed a great deal over the last decade. Mobile device developments have left many business uncertain about the best way to manage the risks that they bring with them.
The main types of question raised are:

  • What are the risks in using mobile devices?
  • What can and should we, the employer, do about the risks?
  • What are employers’ legal duties?
  • What should employees be doing about the risks?

Who is it for?
This course is aimed at employers and employees who want to answer those questions and to proactively and effectively manage the ergonomic health risks associated with mobile working. This includes the use of mobile devices (smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops and notebooks etc.) for work purposes, in whatever type of location that occurs.

The key ergonomic health risks, which this course addresses, are musculoskeletal injury and digital eye strain. The three key areas to consider when managing the ergonomic health risks of mobile working are: equipment, expectations and education.


What sort of work does this work apply to?

This course provides guidance with assessing musculoskeletal risk during sustained mobile work, for example:

  • On trains / planes / boats / coaches
  • In hotels / cafés / waiting areas etc.
  • When visiting offices or workplaces other than your own
  • In co-working spaces
  • During vehicle-based work (e.g. car, van etc.)
  • During ad-hoc work at home
  • During mobile working at your designated workplace (e.g. if you are  agile working).


Course Content

  • Mobile working: Ergonomics and musculoskeletal risk
  • Why is mobile working an important issue?
  • What are the risks?
  • Legal duties of employers and employees
  • Staff briefing
  • Assessing the risk
  • Hierarchy of risk control for mobile devices
  • Risk assessment checklist  – for employers
  • Risk assessment checklist – for employees
  • Putting safety mobile working methods into practice
  • Control measures
  • Rest (recommendations)
  • Looking after your eyes
  • Technology – use it to maximum effect
  • Driving and mobile phone use
  • Short cuts (iOS, Android, Windows)


Additional Information

Delivery: The course includes both theory and practical exercises.
Modular format with informal discussions, a workshop and group work.
Materials: Participants will receive a training pack and e-resources.
Tutors: Our instructors are well qualified and experienced: they are health and safety professionals who can teach. We pride ourselves, since 1988, of training health and safety professionals who contribute everyday to make Irish workplaces safer.

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