Behavioural Safety Management

Behavioural Safety Management

This course is concerned with the study of how human intervention can lead to error in the workplace. While human error cannot be eliminated, efforts and strategies by individuals and management can be used to minimise, trap and mitigate error. The aim of this course is to help the participant develop an internal model of the nature of human safety behaviour and understand how this behaviour might be managed to minimise risk.

Combining formal lectures and discussions, Behavioural Safety Management will give you the skills, confidence and qualifications to:

  • Define the meaning of safety behaviour in an organisational context.
  • Describe the degree to which safety behaviour can be influenced by training and motivation.
  • Define team skills awareness, knowledge and understanding. Understand how to improve individual attitudes towards teamwork.
  • See how the level of performance of a task can be affected by the limitations of knowledge, skills and rules of an operator.
  • Analyse the nature of human factor variables and the symptoms of their negative effects on performance.
  • Understand how an internalised conceptual representation in the domain of human factors provides a sound knowledge base when dealing with performance issues.
  • Discuss the importance of the relationship between individuals within teams to secure organisational objectives.
  • Demonstrate the importance of communication within the organisational management structure.


The course will be delivered over five days with 30 hours of lectures. Students will need to complete a written examination within a week of completion. They will also need to complete 70 hours of additional work and submit a relevant project within six weeks of the written examination.

On successful completion of a CPD Certificate course you get:

  • 5 ECTS credits
  • CPD Certificate in Behavioural Safety Management from TU Dublin
  • Add seven more courses to achieve a CPD Diploma in Safety Management at Work
  • Study in your own time – no time limits
  • Choose the subject matter you want to study

Courses can be run in-house (subject to availability)