Environmental Noise Measurement

Environmental Noise Measurement

This course covers offers a comprehensive approach to problems and
solutions concerning environmental noise measurements and their

Combining formal lectures and discussions, Environment Noise
Measurement will give you the skills, confidence and qualifications to:

  • Explain the elements that make up sound and be able to
    manipulate the units to calculate the level of noise which could
    constitute excess levels.
  • Calculate the percentile noise levels that will make up an
    environmental noise measurement.
  • Justify a noise measurement that can be considered unacceptable
    to residents.
  • Describe the instrumentation used to measure environmental noise.
  • Explain how the human hearing mechanism works and the levels of
    noise that will cause annoyance.
  • Differentiate between what level of noise is acceptable and that
    which is unacceptable.
  • Advise on effective environmental noise control measures.
  • Determine what constitutes excessive noise from various noise
    sources in the environment.


The course will be delivered over five days with 30 hours of lectures.
Students will need to complete a written examination within a week of
completion. They will also need to complete 70 hours of additional work
and submit a relevant project within six weeks of the written examination.

On successful completion of a CPD Certificate course you get:

  • 5 ECTS credits
  • CPD Certificate in Environmental Noise Measurement from TU Dublin
  • Add seven more courses to achieve a CPD Diploma in Safety Management at Work
  • Study in your own time – no time limits
  • Choose the subject matter you want to study

Courses can be run in-house (subject to availability)