Safety Quiz FAQs

What is the style of the All Ireland Quiz?
The All Ireland Finals will be a table quiz comprising of health, safety and welfare questions. The regional quizzes are normally structured in a similar manner to the All Ireland Quiz Final.

I am interested in the Safety Quiz. What are the locations?
The locations for the regional quizzes are generally Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo, Dundalk, Tullamore and Waterford. They usually are held from February until April. The All Ireland Safety Quiz Finals take place in April / May of each year.

Who can participate on the Safety Quiz team?The quiz is open to all employees / persons with the exception of the following:

  • Health and Safety Managers, health and safety officers, health and safety specialists, health and safety consultants or persons in similar roles.
  • NISO / NISG committee members

However, the above personnel are encouraged to provide assistance with the management or coaching of teams which is allowed.
Safety Representatives are allowed to participate [provided they are not also functioning in one of the roles listed above.

Is there a quiz brochure I can view?
Yes, a PDF version of the quiz brochure is normally available from January of each year and information is posted on the NISO and NISG websites.

How do I study for the Safety Quiz 
NISO has produced a Book of 1,478 Questions and Answers in Safety and Health. Other popular sources of questions are websites of safety bodies and health and safety journals.

How do I obtain the Quiz Book
The Quiz Brochure refers to a PDF version of the Quiz Book – How do I obtain this?
When you make an online booking, a link to enable you to download the quiz book will be sent to you.
Alternatively, if you are a paid up member, you may be sent the link to download the book.

How many are required for a team?
Maximum of four but a lesser number will suffice as it is a table quiz.

Where are the questions sourced?
At the All Ireland Finals, some of the safety questions are sourced from NISO’s Book of Safety and Health Questions and Answers. Some health and safety questions may also come from other reliable sources. The regional quizzes are normally structured in a similar manner to the All Ireland Quiz Final.

As the Safety Quiz Finals are an All Ireland affair, which jurisdiction are answers based?
The answer will be the same no matter what the jurisdiction is.
There may be two answers, one of which must be given depending on the jurisdiction of the competing organisation.

How many rounds of questions are in the quiz?
In the All Ireland Finals, there are eight rounds of eight questions (Previous Entrants) and eight rounds of six questions (Novices).
Most regional quizzes will be designed to reflect the structure of the All Ireland Finals.

How many marks are allocated for each questions?
In the All Ireland Finals, there are generally two marks allocated for each fully correct answer. Partially correct answers may attract one mark.

Are the questions multiple choice?
Perhaps a few but generally not. Most questions are similar in format to the questions in the NISO Book of Safety and Health Questions and Answers.

What are the Prizes?
Trophies and Perpetual Cups are available to All Ireland Final Winners. Trophies or crystal prizes are available to the Runner Up of each category. Certificates are presented to all finalists. More importantly, it is the prestige that individuals and organisations obtain as a result of doing well in the competition. Prizes are also offered to winners and runner ups at regional level in the form of cash prizes and / or trophies. NISO will endeavour to promote the winners’ organisations within the media.

What categories of competition are there for organisations?
There are two categories of competition: Previous Entrants and Novices.
The rules governing the categories can be found here

Who participates in the All Ireland Finals?
The winner of each of the two categories of competition from each of the 8 regions [see centres above] proceed to the All Ireland Safety Quiz Finals.
NISO or NISG representatives are in touch with winning organisations to confirm attendance at finals, issuing further instructions, clarify team members, etc.

Where is the All Ireland Final being held this/next year?
Click here to find the venue for the next All Ireland Safety Quiz Finals

 How long does the All Ireland quiz last?
Approximately one and half to two hours.

What time does the Quiz commence?
At regional level, the safety quizzes are normally held on a weekday evening, normally commencing at between 7pm and 8pm.
At the finals which are normally held on a Saturday in April, registration is at 14:30 hrs with the quiz commencing sharply at 15:00 hrs.

Accommodation [Quiz Finals]
A number of rooms are reserved for Quiz Teams on a first come, first served basis.
Teams must book rooms directly with the hotel quoting NISO/NISG for special rates. NISO or NISG will not take bookings.

If I win a Regional Competition, do I have to pay again to enter the All Ireland Semi Finals?
No, your initial entry fee is the only payment required.

Can I use the Quiz Book I previously purchased – will it be the same? 
Yes you may use the quiz book [with the yellow/orange band on the cover] purchased or obtained in the last few years. Page 231 should refer to a fifth reprint in 2008. Any quiz book with a red cover is certainly out of date. Please note that from time, questions may be out of date or incorrect due to emerging guidance or legislation. In this case, NISO / NISG may expect the new correct answer or it may refrain from asking such questions.

I have an old computer. Will I be able to open the PDF version of the Quiz Book?
Acrobat Reader, which reads PDF documents, is available on most operating systems, old and new. The Quiz Book PDF should be readable with Acrobat Reader 5 or higher. The current version of Acrobat Reader is 11 [as of December 2014]. If you do not have Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader installed on your computer you can get it here. There are versions of Acrobat Reader for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
I have obtained the PDF version of the Quiz Book but I can’t select and copy questions from the Quiz Book on the computer. Why is this?

We have made the PDF quiz book available free of charge. As with a printed book you cannot select text to copy into a document. The NISO Book of Questions and Answers is subject to copyright. A lot of effort over the years has gone into its production and NISO wish to maintain some element of control which I am sure you will appreciate. We have not disabled the print function so you can print the quiz book.

If you have any other questions relating to the Health and Safety Quiz, please let us know.
Popular questions will be added to this FAQ page.

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