NISO Member Logo

Use of NISO Member Logo

The membership logo of the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) is available to all paid up corporate members of NISO once they have filled in and signed the Terms and Conditions for its usage.

Permitted Use

  • A Logo User may display the NISO Member Logo on its stationery in any size (with the correct proportions maintained), provided it is legible and is not altered in any way from the logo given by NISO to the Logo User.
  • The NISO Member Logo may only appear on a Logo User’s website as an embedded link and may not appear as a copy of the image. This embedded link should be available in the READ ME file you receive after you have completed the licence agreement.
  • Any other use of the logo must be approved in writing in advance by NISO.

The use of the NISO Member Logo by logo users does not confirm the logo user’s compliance with recognised safety standards.

Fee: For the calendar year or portion of a calendar year, it’s FREE for paid up NISO Members.

Should you be interested in obtaining a licence to use the NISO Member Logo, please download the Terms and Conditions document which includes the licence application form, fill it in, sign it and return it to us.

If you are agreeable to the terms and conditions, have paid your NISO corporate subscription and are prepared to submit the licence form to NISO, you may proceed to apply.


Download NISO Member Logo Terms and Conditions together with application form.
The NISO Member logo is emailed to you:

  • When your membership subscription is up to date
  • And we have received your signed acceptance of the terms and conditions for using the NISO Member logo

There are two versions of the NISO Member logo which will be forwarded to you:

NISO Member Logo with Year – Short Term Use

For Stationery / Certificates / Tenders, etc. which are updated on a regular basis
Use of the NISO Member logo with the year demonstrates to others that you are a current up to date member of NISO.

NISO Member Logo without Year – Long Term Use
A long term commitment to NISO Membership is required

for Vans, Murals, Engravings, Backdrops, etc. which have a long term use

Included logos

  • HTML code for embedded link on website (large colour)
  • HTML code for embedded link on website (medium colour)
  • HTML code for embedded link on website (small colour)
  • Positive Colour (formats: JPG and PNG) – MOST USED
  • Negative Colour (formats: JPG and PNG)
  • Negative Monochrome (formats: JPG and PNG)
  • Postive Greyscale (formats: JPG and PNG)
  • Postive Monchrome (formats: JPG and PNG)
  • Negative Greyscale (formats: JPG and PNG)
  • Negative Colour on black background (formats: JPG and PNG)
  • Negative Colour on red background (formats: JPG and PNG)

Terms and Conditions reviewed / revised: 15 March 2023