Seminars and Workshops

Membership of NISO entitles the member organisation to discounted rates on all seminars and workshops.
About NISO seminars and workshops

  • Held throughout the year in one or several of the regions;
  • Typically lasts a couple of hours to half a day;
  • On a wide range of topics:
        – That can cover a health and safety issue for a particular industry;
        – To introduce a new legislation;
        – To provide expert information on the use of a particular health and safety product or resource;
      – That can help gain a deeper understanding of a legislation, a regulation or what is being presented.

Who are they for?

  • Anyone interested in occupational health and safety
  • Anyone with occupational health and safety responsibilities
  • Managers and supervisors of health and safety departments
  • Nurses and medical staff with occupational health and safety responsibilities
  • Safety representatives
  • Professional health and safety practitioners
  • Instructors and training organisations
  • CEO and directors
  • Students

Why attend a NISO seminar or workshop?

  • Learn more about topics of interest
  • Refresh your knowledge
  • Find out what the latest health and safety issues are
  • Meet NISO Committee members
  • Talk with other NISO members
  • Meet health and safety professionals

NISO collaborates regularly with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and other organisations to present on a specific theme.
If you have a topic you’d like to present or if you want to propose a topic for a seminar, we want to know.
Please email detailing what it is or visit our Seminar Idea page to get an idea of what the type of seminars and workshops we’ve scheduled.