Chemical Safety Management II

Chemical Safety Management II

This course is designed to build upon the learning from Chemical Safety Manager I.

This course covers advanced aspects of dealing with chemicals including production, transport, storage, use and disposal. It provides a comprehensive approach to problems and solutions concerning safety and health in the use of chemicals at work. Further information is provided on preventing fires and explosions. Managers and supervisors will be offered guidance on preventative activities and the management of a safety programme for the use of chemicals.

Combining formal lectures and discussions, Chemical Safety Manager II will give you the skills, confidence and qualifications to:

  • Conduct and document a chemical risk assessment in the workplace
  • Recognise and explain the terminology associated with conducting a chemical risk assessment.
  • Describe the various ways chemicals can interact to result in an unsafe condition in the workplace.
  • Explain the terms used when referring to a comprehensive range of chemicals.
  • Describe the four principles of prevention, eliminate the hazards, put barriers between chemical and workers, provide ventilation and protect workers with personal protective equipment.
  • Describe chemical risk control strategies.
  • Describe the principles of prevention in the control of hazardous chemicals.
  • Prepare chemical safety procedures which implement adequate control measures to reduce the risk of hazardous chemicals.
  • Define the controls that should be applied to reduce the risk of chemical contamination.


The course will be delivered over five days with 30 hours of lectures. Students will need to complete a written examination within a week of completion. They will also need to complete 70 hours of additional work and submit a relevant project within six weeks of the written examination.

On successful completion of a CPD Certificate course you get:

  • 5 ECTS credits
  • CPD Certificate in Chemical Safety Management II from TU Dublin
  • Add seven more courses to achieve a CPD Diploma in Safety Management at Work
  • Study in your own time – no time limits
  • Choose the subject matter you want to study

Courses can be run in-house (subject to availability)