Benefits of Membership

National Level

At the national level as a member you:

  • Belong to an Irish, independent, self-funded organisation with charitable status.
  • Belong to an organisation that works to help you promote health, safety and welfare at work in your organisation.
  • Have one vote to elect members on the Executive Committee at the AGM.
  • Have a voice as NISO represents its membership when it holds regular meetings with the government, the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) and other stakeholders working to better Health and Safety practices.
  • Receive a membership certificate to display in your office.
  • Obtain the right to use NISO Member Logo on your documents, website and other publications.
  • Keep abreast of issues and developments in health and safety including best practice and guidance.
  • Receive regularly and directly in your inbox a digest listing the latest legislation, guidance documents and news.
  • Get access to free health and safety advice or clarification by phone: callsave 1850 SAFETY or 1850 723389 during working hours or by email.
  • Get entitled to receive a copy of the quarterly e-magazine, NISO Update, directly in your inbox.
  • Have access to the archive of NISO Update magazine.
  • Gain discounts on our activities, training courses and events such as the Annual NISO Safety Conference.
  • Qualify to submit an entry to the prestigious All Ireland Safety Awards organised in collaboration with Northern Ireland Safety Group (NISG).
  • Can tick the box ‘are you a member of a health and safety body?’ when tendering for work that make it a requirement
  • Receive health and safety poster(s) to display in your place of work.
Regional Level

At the regional level you:

  • Are encouraged to attend the regional meetings that take place typically on a monthly basis;
  • Are eligible to join the local committee;
  • Are, with time and active involvement, eligible to the board of NISO;
  • Are invited to contribute to the organisation of regional events;
  • Further your standing amongst health and safety professionals;
  • Socialise with like minded professionals
  • Find contacts, Build relationships and network

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To download the Membership Application Form and the Use of NISO Member Logo Terms and Conditions, click on Process to Become a Member of NISO.

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