DSE-VDU Risk Assessors Course

Display Screen Equipment / Visual Display Uni Risk Assessor Training Course

The DSE-VDU Risk Assessors Course is a one-day course running from 9am to 5pm certified by NISO.

This course is currently being held online.

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The DSE/VDU Assessor role is to assess the workstation of a user and to impart the knowledge required to work safely at a DSE/VDU workstation in accordance with the requirements of the 2007 General Application Regulations.

To provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the assessment of Display Screen Equipment (DSE)/ Visual Display Units (VDU) in the workplace.

After completion of the course, you will be able to

  • Understand the requirements of the 2007 General Application Regulations
  • Complete a DSE/VDU risk assessment with the end user
  • Assist in formulating your company policy on DSE/VDU safe work practice
  • Have a greater understanding of the hazards & associated risks from working with a VDU / DSE
  • Assist in the prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders associated with DSE/VDU usage

Who should attend?

  • Employers & self employed persons
  • Health & Safety managers or consultants
  • Health & Safety representatives
  • Occupational health professionals
  • Architects
  • Information Technology professionals
  • Instructors in computer software programmes or courses
  • Persons interested in ergonomics
  • Manual handling instructors (completing the two courses provide complementary skills. Participants who complete the two courses at NISO within a calendar year receive a discount. Please email info[at]niso.ie for more details of the scheme.)

1 day from 9am to 5pm

The course is presented in a modular format and includes problem based learning and practical exercises.
At the end of the day, there is an exam that consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ) .

Course content

  • Legal requirements under current Health & Safety legislation
  • Hazards & Risks associated with DSE/VDU usage
  • Ergonomics of computer workstations
  • Practical control measures
  • Environmental factors

Course material
NISO provides a training pack.

Course Certificate / Validation
Participants who have successfully completed the course will be issued with a NISO certificate.

DSE-VDU Risk Assessor Course FAQs

Q: What am I certified to do on completion of the DSE/VDU Risk Assessor Course? 
A: Upon successful completion of the 1-day DSE/VDU Training Course in NISO, a learner will be certified as being competent to complete a Risk Assessment of a person’s DSE/VDU workstation in accordance with the requirements of the 2007 General Application Regulations.
These assessments are not focused on merely assessing a DSE/VDU Workstation, it is about ensuring the workstation is suitable for the person. To support the learner, a DSE/VDU template will be provided to each attendee on the course.
The learner will not be certified as being competent to training other personnel as DSE/VDU assessors.

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