Quiz Rules

All Ireland Safety Quiz – Criteria for Entry and Rules

Quiz Format
The Health and Safety Quiz will be held as a table quiz [no individual questions] at both Regional / NI and All Ireland levels.

Quiz Categories

  • Previous Entrants Category
  • Novices Category

Quiz Categories: Criteria for entry
Novice Category
Teams may include:

  • Individuals who have never participated in the competition before. OR
  • Individuals who have not participated in either category of the quiz for the past 5 years. OR
  • Individuals who participated in the competition in the Novice Category but never won the Regional / Northern Ireland finals or participated in the All Ireland finals.

Previous Entrants Category

  • Any individual not participating in the Novice Category [change: September 2023]

Please note that changes to the entry rules are retrospective.

Eligibility to enter either Quiz Categories
Professional health and safety managers, specialists, officers, or similar roles, and NISO/NISG Committee members may not participate in the quiz as a team member but their assistance with the management or coaching of teams would be appreciated.

In the event of a team member or members being unable to participate in the All Ireland Finals, organisations are allowed make two substitutions [change: September 2023] provided the new team member satisfies the rules under the relevant category of competition.
If a winning regional team is unable to proceed to the All Ireland Finals, the relevant regional committee may exercise their right to nominate the next placed team to participate in the All Ireland Finals.

Quiz Questions
Eight rounds of eight questions (64 questions) for Previous Entrants and eight rounds of six questions (48 questions) for New Entrants [All Ireland Finals]

How are the questions sourced?
Many of the safety questions will be sourced from the NISO quiz book. The balance of the questions may be taken from a number of reliable sources and will comprise of health/safety/welfare questions [No general knowledge questions will be asked at the All Ireland finals]. Questions from the book may be rephrased.
The last two questions (for Previous Entrants) in each round may not be taken from the quiz book. Some of the questions through the competition may also be taken from a reliable source.

Quiz Book
We recognise that some of the questions from the Book of Safety Questions and Answers may be obsolete or dated. NISO / NISG will endeavour not to use such questions.

Overall Winner
The overall winner of the Safety Quiz finals in each of the two categories will be determined by the team who achieves the highest score.

Updated January 2014
Reviewed: March 2017
Updated: September 2023

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