Work Safely Protocol – Updated Guidance Note

Work Safely Protocol – Updated Guidance Note

Updated Guidance Note on the Work Safely Protocol

An updated Guidance Note has been issued from the Labour Employer Economic Forum (LEEF) – Consultative Group on the Work Safely Protocol.

Included in the Guidance Note is a reminder to employers and employers that it is critically important to continue to take steps individually and collectively in our everyday lives, to keep the risk of COVID-19 under control, in particular by:

• acting fast, isolating and getting tested if we have symptoms;
• wearing face coverings where appropriate;
• making sure that indoor spaces are well ventilated;
• maintaining adequate social/physical distancing whenever appropriate; and
• covering our coughs and sneezes and keeping our hands clean.

The Guidance Note also emphasises referring to the Work Safely Protocol where attendance in the workplace is necessary and advises contacting the Workplace Contact Unit of the Health and Safety Authority if you have any concerns about the Work Safely Protocol not being implemented in your workplace.

Read the Guidance Note in full here: