Resource Book Now Available

Resource Book Now Available

Copies of the new Safety Representatives Resource Book are now available by collection or delivery from National Irish Safety Organisation. The Safety Representatives Resource Book, launched in April 2015, was compiled by Herbert Mulligan, editor, Health and Safety Review and produced by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). 

About the Safety Representatives Resource Book:                               

The Safety Representatives Resource Book provides all the information needed for a safety representative to carry out his or her role as effectively as possible. This essential resource  book is a working guide for safety representatives and also supports the development of appropriate training programmes for safety representatives. It is a Resource Book to be used for education, training and reference purposes.

The book is divided into eight sections with a total of 43 chapters over 278 pages.

Topics covered: 

  • Health and Safety Law (7 chapters)
  • Enforcement (The HSA’s Role; Other Enforcement Agencies)
  • Consultation – Safety Representatives and Safety Committees (5 chapters)
  • OSH Roles (The Employer’s Role; Professional Roles)
  • The Hazards of the Workplace (Asbestos; Asthma; Biological Hazards; Bullying; Chemicals & Hazardous Substances; Disease and illnesses [occupational]; Ergonomics [includes manual handling and Display Screen Equipment]; Explosive atmospheres; Falls from heights, Work at heights and Falling objects; Fire; Lone working; Slips/trips/falls on the same level; Stress; Violence, harassment and aggression; Work-related vehicle safety: in the workplace and on the road; and Work equipment/machinery.)
  • Vulnerable Workers (2 chapters)
  • Workplaces (Construction; Education; Healthcare; Wholesale/Retail; Industrial: Manufacturing, Mines and Quarries, Utilities; Agriculture; Hospitality; Offices.

Collection: Copies of the Safety Representatives Resource Book are available free of charge when collected from the NISO Training Centre, Unit A11, Ballymount, Dublin 12.
To order for collection: Email with your contact details, the quantity requested and the date/time that the books will be collected, or call NISO on 01 465 9760.

Delivery: A delivery/packaging fee of €17.50 applies to orders of up to eight copies for delivery. For additional orders of up to eight copies each, a €12.50 delivery/packaging fee will apply.
To order for delivery: Email with contact details, delivery address, quantity requested and details of delivery payment method. Copies of the Safety Representatives Resource Book will be dispatched upon payment for delivery/packaging.

Contact: National Irish Safety Organisation, A11 Calmount Park, Ballymount, Dublin 12; Tel: 01 465 9760; Email: