Safe Driving Christmas Alert

Safe Driving Christmas Alert

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has issued this Safe Driving alert ahead of the Festive Season.
The festive season is upon us and no doubt most of us will be busy thinking about getting work completed, deliveries made, holiday get-togethers, parties and last minute travel.
Make sure you don’t forget the most important thing of all this year – to:
drive safe, stay safe and get home safe.
Here are the top five tips for travelling safely to make sure that everyone has a “happy holiday” and is around for the New Year:

  1.  Plan for and allow plenty time for your journeys. If you are making business trips, making collections or deliveries, visiting friends and family, make sure you allow plenty of time for your journey. Let your hosts know your intended travel route and expected time of arrival. Avoid unnecessary journeys if the weather is bad and check weather forecasts before you leave.
  2. Make sure your vehicle is prepared before travelling. Check fluid levels, lights, fuel, wipers and tyre pressures. Carry an emergency kit with you including a blanket, de-icer, water, food, mobile phone [fully charged], warning triangle and first-aid kit.
  3. Make group travel arrangements for Christmas parties and nights out. If YOU are in charge of organising a festive night out, consider how your guests will get home afterwards. Hire a minibus for the evening or be in charge of telephoning for taxis.
  4. Do not drive if you have had ANY alcohol. The safest way of ensuring you stick to this is to leave your vehicle at home. Also be very aware of the “morning after effect” as alcohol can still impair you the day after drinking.
  5. Look out for friends and colleagues. If you suspect that someone is going to drive after drinking alcohol encourage them to take a taxi, get a lift with a sober friend or stay over for the night.

Sadly, the number of people killed and injured on roads rises around during the Festive season, so what should be a time of celebration and reunions becomes a time of devastation and unhappiness for thousands of families around the world, who lose their son, daughter, husband, wife, mum, dad, brother, sister, friend or colleague.
Alcohol plays a part in so MANY of the tragic losses on our roads, so if you want to have a drink this holiday make sure you don’t get behind the wheel.
If you are caught in charge of a vehicle when over the legal drink drive limit you may face:

  •  Prison
  • Losing your licence (and maybe your job/career)
  • A large fine
  • Humiliation

Make sure you give your family and friends the best gift of all by helping them – and yourself – to be safe this Festive Season.

  • This message has been adapted from the original communication from Interactive Driving Systems®

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Source: RSA