Safety Representatives Resource Book

Safety Representatives Resource Book

The Safety Representatives Resource Book, launched in April 2015, was compiled by HerSafety_Rep_Book_Coverbert Mulligan, editor, Health and Safety Review and produced by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA).

About the Safety Representatives Resource Book:                               

The Safety Representatives Resource Book provides all the information needed for a safety representative to carry out his or her role as effectively as possible. This essential resource  book is a working guide for safety representatives and also supports the development of appropriate training programmes for safety representatives. It is a Resource Book to be used for education, training and reference purposes.

The book is divided into eight sections with a total of 43 chapters over 278 pages.

Topics covered: 

  • Health and Safety Law (7 chapters)
  • Enforcement (The HSA’s Role; Other Enforcement Agencies)
  • Consultation – Safety Representatives and Safety Committees (5 chapters)
  • OSH Roles (The Employer’s Role; Professional Roles)
  • The Hazards of the Workplace (Asbestos; Asthma; Biological Hazards; Bullying; Chemicals & Hazardous Substances; Disease and illnesses [occupational]; Ergonomics [includes manual handling and Display Screen Equipment]; Explosive atmospheres; Falls from heights, Work at heights and Falling objects; Fire; Lone working; Slips/trips/falls on the same level; Stress; Violence, harassment and aggression; Work-related vehicle safety: in the workplace and on the road; and Work equipment/machinery.)
  • Vulnerable Workers (2 chapters)
  • Workplaces (Construction; Education; Healthcare; Wholesale/Retail; Industrial: Manufacturing, Mines and Quarries, Utilities; Agriculture; Hospitality; Offices.

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