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Manual Handling Instructors’ Props
It’s recommended for manual handling instructor to use training aids and props:

  • To show learners how the spine works and what can go wrong when talking about anatomy
  • To show learners the way we use our bodies.

These aids can be bought separately or bundled together for a discount. Other discounts may be applicable too.

Thumbnail Image of product Product Name Code Unit Price Members (Euros) Unit Price Non Members (Euros) Packaging and postage (Euros)
   1. Spine NIS 205  240 270 20
   2. Stand for Spine  NIS 206  60  80 20
  3. Herniated Disc Simulator  NIS 423  231  250 20
   4. Lifting Man  NIS 208  360  385 20
   Bundle A=1+2   120 150 30
   Bundle B=1+2+3    340  370 30
   Bundle C=1+2+3+4    620  650 35
  Bundle D= 1+2+3+4+Human Spine & Disorder Poster    640  660 35
  Hi Vis Vest  NIS 500  7.50  9.50 3

The bundles are a selection of training props grouped together to purchase with a discount.

For example, Bundle A=1+2 includes 1. Spine + 2. Stand for Spine.

Other Products

  • 2 Band Hi Vis Vest  – for personal use only

Other Discounts:

To purchase a training prop or another product, it’s simple:

1. Download and fill in the product form

2. Return it with your payment to NISO at the following address:

National Irish Safety Organisation
A11 Calmount Park
Calmount Avenue
Dublin 12

Alternatively you can email back the form to accounts@niso.ie and pay by credit card over the phone by calling NISO on 01 465 9760.

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