Proposed funfair safety Bill

Proposed funfair safety Bill

proposed to improve funfair safety standards

Fianna Fáil
TD Niall Collins has proposed a Bill to provide improved health and safety
standards at funfairs.

The Health and
Safety Funfair Amendment Bill is not being opposed by government, although
there are concerns about the implications of the proposals which calls on
Health and Safety Authority to play a role in regulating the sector. 

At present,
there is no statutory agency charged with monitoring, inspecting and regulating
the use of funfair equipment, which Collins has described as unacceptable.

The Bill
would give powers to the Health and Safety Authority to ensure full safety
compliance at all funfairs operating in Ireland.

current legislation sets out that the owner of fairground equipment shall not
make it available to the public unless such equipment has a valid certificate
of safety. Anyone who wants to hold a funfair in a town must give notice of the
event to the local authority and they must hold a valid certificate of safety.

The proposed Bill is currently under review.