NISO’s 60th Anniversary Video

NISO’s 60th Anniversary Video


NISO Celebrates 60 Years of Promoting Occupational Safety and Health in Ireland

15 January 2023 marks 60 years since the foundation of National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO). In January 1963, eight years after the Factories Act of 1955, a small group came together to establish what was originally called the National Industrial Safety Organisation to promote health and safety in Irish workplaces. Sixty years on, NISO continues the work of promoting occupational health and safety and has continued to evolve and develop as an organisation throughout the decades.

To celebrate this special occasion, NISO has created a 60th Anniversary video highlighting the history of the organisation, its achievements and how it has evolved throughout the decades.

As NISO embarks on the next decade of promoting health and safety in Irish workplaces we will continue, as we have in the last 60 years, to adapt to the new and emerging challenges in the workplace and it is our hope that you will join us in meeting these challenges. We look forward to engaging with you at our many events throughout this special year including the Safety Quiz, NISO Annual Safety Conference and the Occupational Safety Awards among others.

Thank you to all our members for your continued support.