New report on H&S risks

New report on H&S risks

New ESENER-2 analysis highlights disparity in the management of safety and health risks in the workplace
A new report analysing findings of the second European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER-2) takes a broad view of European occupational safety and health (OSH) practice. The report highlights that, although traditional occupational safety risks are largely well addressed across Europe, health and psychosocial risks are not as well managed. There is a need to expand current trends to more comprehensively address health and psychosocial risks as part of good OSH practice.

The report notes that having a strong commitment from management, worker representation and available resources, both financial and personnel, make a significant difference to firms’ implementation of good OSH practice. Larger firms and those in production and manufacturing sectors generally demonstrate higher levels of OSH management implementation — yet, even in these organisations, the focus is still mainly on traditional safety risks, rather than on health or psychosocial factors.

The report identifies a synergy between current EU policy and practice — which provides the opportunity to build on and consolidate the improvements in OSH practice made in recent years.

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