Maintaining supply chains

Maintaining supply chains

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport issued a communication on 3 April 2020 emphasising the importance of maintaining all links in supply chains. See below.

COVID-19 – The importance of maintaining all links in supply chains

It is essential that the work of the supply chain continues to the greatest extent possible throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Where practical, all goods should continue to be distributed (not just food and medical supplies) to warehouses, businesses and distribution centres around the country. Likewise, all activities necessary for the continued provision of an essential service in the supply chain should continue. Every link must operate if the entire system is to function.

Those working in the supply chain who cannot work remotely, including but not limited to, cargo handlers, haulage drivers and warehouse staff should continue to go about their business to keep supply chains moving. Storage of containers at ports and airports is an impediment to the free flowing of goods. All warehouses and distribution centres, including those related to retail outlets which are temporarily closed, should continue to receive and store goods ordered. Guidance for both employers of essential workers and essential workers themselves can be found at Important health guidelines on COVID-19 can also be found at

Travel related to the operation of logistics businesses or necessary travel by logistics workers to places of work are considered ‘essential travel’ in the context of current restrictions.

The COVID-19 crisis is presenting immediate and severe financial challenges for businesses. The following link details DBEI enterprise supports and guidance to help your business: COVID-19-impacted-businesses.html

In addition, practical workplace guidance on how to manage business continuity from the NSAI is available at: