Legionella bacteria alert

Legionella bacteria alert

Control of Legionella Bacteria During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

The HSA has issued this advice for employers or those in control
of places of work to highlight the requirement to continue managing Legionella
control to avoid the potential for Legionnaires’ disease.


Because of the current situation with COVID-19 many places of work such
as hotels, leisure facilities, offices, dental clinics and hairdressers have
had to temporarily close with only essential businesses staying open. In many
cases, the closure may have occurred overnight or at very short notice.
Essential businesses such as healthcare facilities and nursing homes may find
that their primary focus is on current issues. In addition, employers may have
concerns about allowing water system contractors on site due to the current
situation. As a result, the control of Legionella bacteria may not be deemed a
priority and control measures may be neglected, however, it is vital that so
far as reasonably practicable that control measures are still maintained.

Please visit the Health and Safety website for detailed information on this issue at the following link: https://www.hsa.ie/eng/topics/biological_agents/specific_biological_agents_infections/legionellosis/covid-19_legionella_information_note.pdf