Last Call to Pre-register Chemicals

Last Call to Pre-register Chemicals

Last call to pre-register your low volume chemicals

*Notice below posted on ECHA website on 16 February 2017*

To benefit from the extended deadline for registering existing, low volume chemicals by the last REACH registration deadline, you need to have pre-registered your substance with ECHA. If you manufacture or import a substance for the first time at or above 1 to 100 tonnes per year, and your substance is not a known carcinogen, mutagen or toxic to reproduction, you can still pre-register within six months of starting the activity, and at the latest by 31 May 2017 – one year before the deadline.

Helsinki, 16 November 2016 – The third and last registration deadline for existing chemicals manufactured or imported in the EU/EEA from 1 to 100 tonnes a year is on 31 May 2018. If you want to benefit from this extended deadline for registering, you have to pre-register your substances. Many companies have already done so by the original pre-registration deadline in December 2008.

If you have recently started to manufacture or import a non-CMR phase-in substance in amounts of 1 to 100 tonnes a year, you can pre-register within six months after starting the activity. However, the last possibility is on 31 May 2017. Pre-registration enables you to continue supplying your low-volume chemicals legally on the EU/EEA market until the registration deadline.

If you do not have a valid pre-registration or registration for your substance after 31 May 2017, you will need to submit an inquiry to ECHA and register your substance before you can manufacture or import it. The same applies also already now, if you manufacture or import 100 tonnes or more of the chemical a year or one tonne or more a chemical that is classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMR).


NISO is running two seminars entitled “REACH for Downstream Users of Chemicals” on 27 April in Dublin and 4 May in Athlone. This seminar will assist SMEs, small traders, service providers and professional users of chemicals to prepare for the REACH 2018 deadline. Find out more about the REACH for Downstream Users of Chemicals seminars.