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Information for All Ireland Safety Quiz Finalists
Date: 27 April 2024
Time: Quiz Registration 14:30hrs.
Venue: Castletroy Park Hotel, Dublin Road, Limerick, V94 Y0AN
Hotel Contact Information:
Tel: +353 61 335 566
Email: reservations@castletroypark.ie

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Quiz Location

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Who are the Safety Quiz finalists?

Results to date
View some of the winners of the regional quizzes who are eligible to participate in the All Ireland Health and Safety Quiz Finals as Previous Entrants or Novices.

Previous Entrants

North East Region: Abbott Ireland
Northern Ireland: Ulster University Student’s Union
South Region: BioMarin International Ltd.

Novice Entrants

Midland Region: Avery Dennison Medical
North East Region: Abbott Ireland
Northern Ireland: Lagan MEICA
South Region: BioMarin International Ltd.


Quiz Final Programme

14:30 hrs.       Registration of quiz teams
15:00 hrs.       Quiz Finals [Table Quiz format]
17:00 hrs.       Quiz finishes & winners announced
19:30 hrs.       Dinner & Presentation of Prizes
Entertainment in Bar
No extra payment is required and quiz participants are invited to bring their partners. Supporters are also welcome free of charge at the quiz and dinner. Prior notice required via the Safety Quiz Finalists online form.

Participation Rules

By participating in the quiz finals you are declaring that you satisfy the entry rules for novice or previous entrants category.
Click here for participation rules.

If a winning regional team is unable to proceed to the All Ireland Finals, the relevant regional committee may exercise their right to nominate the next placed team to participate in the All Ireland Finals.

Quiz Team Constitution and Rules

  • Up to four members in table quiz format.
  • No safety managers, safety officers or safety consultants may participate on a team but they were welcome as coaches, managers, supporters, etc.
  • NISO / NISG Committee members may not be associated with teams as contestants.
  • In the event of a team member or members being unable to participate in the All Ireland Finals, organisations are allowed make two substitutions [change: September 2023] provided the new team member satisfies the rules under the relevant category of competition.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off or put in Airplane mode.
  • All quiz books, publications, etc must not be left on the table.
  • There will be no conferring with other quiz teams or supporters / audience. The adjudicators reserve the right to take action against any team they believe is not conforming with the rules up to and including expulsion from the competition.
  • Each team member must remain seated during each of the rounds. Access to the bar or toilets is allowed at the end of a round when the call for answer papers is made.
  • Quiz Rules are subject to change.


  • Registration is at 2.30pm on the day of the competition. All quiz team members must be present and sign the registration form. Pre registration by confirming your team’s attendance is also required and can be done online here.
  • The competition starts sharply at 3pm. The Quiz Master will not defer the competition on the basis that a quiz team or member is late. Any quiz team or team member may join the quiz at any stage during the competition but no assistance will or may be given for previously asked questions.
  • Answer booklets and pens will be available for participants. Each quiz team will be allocated to a numbered table and this table number must be entered on the answer booklet. The name of your organisation / quiz team is not to appear on the answer paper.

Questions for the All Ireland Final

  • Most of the questions will be sourced from the NISO quiz book. Some questions may be taken from a number of reliable sources.
  • There are no general knowledge questions. However, some questions indirectly relating to health and safety such as locations, persons, statistical, pictorial or audio type questions, etc. may be asked.
  • There will be eight rounds of questions. For novices there will be six questions per round. For previous entrants there will be eight questions per round.
  • A maximum of two marks will be allocated for each correct answer. The opportunity exists for participants to obtain half marks should they correctly answer part of a question, e.g., answering one part of a two part question correctly.
  • Questions will be read out by the Quiz Master and shown simultaneously on a screen. The length of time allocated to each question is at the discretion of the Quiz Master.
  • The Quiz Master, at his or her discretion, may repeat a question if asked at the end of a round and before a call is made for answer papers to be collected. It may not be possible to display repeat questions on the screen.
  • Quiz Rules are subject to change.


There may be an opportunity for quiz teams, at the discretion of the quiz master and/or adjudicators, to ask for a review of their results after the scores have been displayed for each round. Under no circumstance will the quiz master and adjudicators allow for a review of marks which have previously been displayed.
Note: If a review is requested, all questions and answers in the relevant round may be reviewed. Following a review, marks can be adjusted up or down.
In all cases, the decision of the adjudicators is final and no additional debate will be entertained.
Quiz Rules are subject to change.


  • There will be a photographer present on the day. Photographs will be take during the competition and at the dinner during the presentation of prizes. Please ensure that the photographer is not disrupted taking pictures. Photographs will be available free of charge the week following the competition as a download from the NISO website.
  • The photographer will, where possible, accommodate winners and participants in the competition but the final decision on photography rests with the organisers.
  • If you do not wish your photograph to be taken or wish your photograph to be removed from online sources, please contact the organisers.

The winners

  • All participants are invited to the dinner on the evening of the quiz where winners and runner-ups will receive their prizes.
  • All participating teams will receive a Participation Certificate and there will be photo opportunities for all.
  • We encourage all participating teams to stay for the dinner and presentation of prizes. Entertainment afterwards.

Overnight Accommodation

Many teams stay overnight especially on the night of the quiz. Why not stay over and interact with other quiz team members. An enjoyable night with entertainment to be had. Overnight accommodation is available on Friday and Saturday night. Contact the hotel at the number above and quote NISO / NISG Quiz for special rates.

Confirm your teams attendance

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