Commencement of Mediation Service

Commencement of Mediation Service

Commencement of the Injuries Resolution Board’s mediation service for public liability personal injury claims announced

Dara Calleary, T.D. Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation,with responsibility for the Injuries Resolution Board, today announced the commencement of mediation for the resolution of public liability personal injury claims.

Announcing the commencement, Minister Calleary said:
“Today sees a continuation in the roll out of mediation as a new service for resolving public liability personal injury claims by the Injuries Resolution Board.

This is part of the work of the Government’s Action Plan for Insurance Reform which set as a primary goal the enhancement and reform of the then Personal Injuries Assessment Board which has been achieved through the Personal Injuries Resolution Board Act 2022.”

Employers’ Liability
In relation to Employers’ Liability, Minister Calleary said: “I commenced legislation to provide for mediation as a service for employers’ liability personal injury claims last December. Already we have seen a very strong initial response to the introduction of mediation for workplace accident claims with almost 40% of claimants indicating that they would be willing to enter into the mediation process.”

Mediation can address a broader range of issues than those currently considered in the Board’s assessment service including:

  • claim value,
  • extent of injury,
  • and contributory negligence among others.

More particularly mediation allows the Board to consider cases where liability is not agreed. This is something that it has not been able to do previously. This represents a step change in the work of the Board as it allows it to take on a significant number of new cases thereby increasing the substantial savings that it has already achieved against the costs of litigation through its work.

Minister Calleary added:
“The future of the Injuries Resolution Board, celebrating twenty years this year, is positive. The current consent rate to assessing cases for the Board has reached an impressive 70% while the acceptance rate to their assessment awards has recovered from 36% in mid-2021 to a healthy 50% this year. 

I will commence legislation to provide for mediation for motor liability personal injury cases later this year.”

The Board was twenty years old in April 2024. In that twenty years it has received in the region of 500,000 cases which have resulted in almost 180,000 awards in accepted assessments. The total value of those awards is approximately €2bn. In carrying out this work it is estimated that the Board has achieved €1bn savings in that time.