The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has expressed concern about the high level of injuries being reported as a result of unsafe practices around the use of work-related vehicles. In the execution of the HSA’s Work-related Vehicle Safety Plan (2016-2018) the following will be targeted:

  • work related vehicle safety issues related to specific vehicle types,
  • specific high risk vehicle activities,
  • high risk sectors such as in agriculture, construction, transport, retail and wholesale and manufacturing,
  • specific work occupations, and
    common vehicle safety risks found across all work sectors, for example, driving for work in cars and smaller vehicles such as vans and off road vehicles.

This will involve targeted prioritised sector-specific interventions and more general interventions common to all work sectors where vehicle risk is prevalent. For example, driving for work is a work activity that most work sectors need to address, whereas higher risk activities such as loading, unloading and load securing are more predominantly found in specific sectors such as transport, construction, manufacturing and retail and wholesale.


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