The Health and Safety Authority embarked on an intensive fortnight-long farm inspection campaign on 12 February 2018. The HSA aims to visit 400 farms during this two-week period.

A special focus will be placed on the safe handling of livestock, which is the second most common cause of farm fatalities after tractors and machinery. Inspectors will be focusing on the common risks encountered and livestock safety in general – as the calving season is in full swing on many farms across the country.

Areas being assessed during the livestock safety campaign include:

  • Is an adequate physical barrier established between the farmer and freshly calved cow when treating or handling calves?
  • Is there an escape plan for animal birthing activity?
  • Is there ongoing investment in animal handling facilities, for example, crush, head scoop and calving gate?
  • Are facilities and procedures adequate for loading and unloading animals?

Two further targeted agriculture inspection campaigns will take place in 2018:

May – Vehicle safety

October – Safe Working at Heights