The third annual National Workplace Wellbeing day is taking place on 31 March 2017. Last year over 300 companies of all sizes from across the public and private sectors participated in the annual event which aims to improve employee wellbeing through promoting better exercise and nutrition in the workplace. 

Workplace Wellbeing: Benefits for the employer/organisation

Irish employers should encourage their staff to be healthier according to a national survey of employees, which shows that employee wellbeing is crucial to staff retention and productivity levels. A survey of almost 1000 employees reported that seven in ten (69%) employees are more likely to stay longer with employers who show an interest in their health and wellbeing while half would consider leaving employers who don’t. Last year hundreds of public and private sector organisations across the country participated in the Ibec supported day which aims to improve employee health by promoting better physical and nutritional wellbeing in their workplace.

The benefits of Workplace Wellbeing according to the World Health Organisation.

To the organisation To the employee
A well managed health and safety programme A safe and healthy work environment
A positive and caring image Enhanced self-esteem
Improved staff morale Reduced stress
Reduced staff turnover Improved morale
Reduced absenteeism Increased job satisfaction
Increased productivity Increased skills for health protection
Reduced health care/insurance costs Improved health
Reduced risk of fines and litigation Improved sense of well-being


Employers are also being encouraged to enter the national Workplace Wellbeing Awards which will be announced on the day. Sponsored by Mercer, the awards recognise employers across the public and private sector that are excelling at promoting workplace wellbeing within their organisations. The Central Statistics Office and Dublin secondary school, Colaiste Bride were among last year’s winners.

For further details, to sign up and for ideas about what your organisation can do on National Workplace Wellbeing day, click here.

National Irish Safety Organisation is hosting a Workplace Wellbeing Masterclass series nationwide finishing in May 2017. Click here for more information on this Masterclass series.