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NISO Update Magazine is an online magazine published via email to NISO members only as a PDF on a quarterly basis.

It contains articles from leaders in occupational health and safety including regular columns from the HSA, Ibec, ICTU, IOSH and Insurance Ireland and covers topical issues.


We are always looking for well written and pertinent articles on various Occupational Health and Safety issues:
If you’d like to contribute and see your writings read by over 1000+ members, please email the editor Geraldine Brady with an outline of the article.
Please state in the subject line: Update Magazine Proposal for an Article.

We answer members and non members queries regarding occupational health and safety in a section called Helpline.
Do not hesitate to email the editor Geraldine Brady with your question.
Please state in the subject line: Update Magazine Helpline Question.

Feature articles from the spring 2017 edition of Update magazine include: 

Update Magazine Summer 2017 edition - featured articles
  • Editorial – NISO President
  • Risk taking on Irish farms – ESRI report
  • HSA farm inspections in 2017
  • Safety Alerts
  • Up to 40% of road deaths in Europe work related
  • NISO welcomes new members
  • New Publications
  • Workplace Safety Training
  • Temporary Traffic Management in Ireland
  • IOSH Forum – New five-year vision for safer and healthier work
  • NISO Executive Committee
  • Legislation update
  • NISO Events Diary

Back Issues of NISO Update


The summer edition of NISO Update was sent to members on 28 July 2017 and the spring edition on 2 May 2017. Members can request a copy.



2016_Q1_NISO_Update_Autumn [pdf; 7mb]
2016_Q3_NISO_Update_Summer [pdf; 2mb]
2016_Q2_NISO_Update_Spring [pdf; 2mb]
2016_Q1_NISO_Update_Winter [pdf; 3mb]


2015_Q4_NISO_Update_Autumn [pdf; 4mb]
2015_Q3_NISO_Update_Summer [pdf; 4mb]
2015_Q2_NISO_Update_Spring [pdf; 4mb]
2015_Q1_NISO_Update_Winter [pdf; 4mb]

2014_Q4_NISO_Update_Autumn [pdf; 4mb]
2014_Q3_NISO_Update_Summer [pdf; 10mb]
2014_Q2_NISO_Update_Spring [pdf; 4mb]
2014_Q1_NISO_Update_Winter [pdf; 3mb]

2013_Q4_NISO_Update_Autumn_2013 [pdf; 2mb]
2013_Q3_NISO_Update_Summer_2013 [pdf; 5mb]
2013_Q2_NISO_Update_Spring_2013 [pdf; 4mb]
2013_Q1_NISO_Update_50th_Anniversary_Special [pdf; 2mb]

2012_Q3_NISO_Update_Autumn_2012 [pdf; 1mb]
2012_Q2_NISO_Update_Summer_2012 [pdf; 2mb]
2012_Q1_NISO_Update_Spring_2012 [pdf; 1mb]

2011_Q4_NISO_Update_Winter_2011 [pdf; 1mb]
2011_Q3_NISO_Update_Autumn_2011 [pdf; 2mb]
2011_Q2-NISO_Update_Summer_2011 [pdf; 1mb]
2011_Q1-NISO_Update_Spring_2011 [pdf; 1mb]

2010_Q4-NISO_Update_Winter_2010 [pdf; 1mb]
2010_Q3-NISO_Update_Autumn_2010 [pdf; 2mb]
2010_Q2-NISO_Update_Summer 2010 [pdf; 1mb]
2010_Q1-NISO_Update_Spring_2010 [pdf; 2mb]

2009_Q4-NISO_Update_Winter_2009 [pdf; 2mb]
2009_Q2-NISO_Update_Summer_2009 [pdf; 2mb]
2009_Q1-NISO_Update_Spring_2009 [pdf; 1mb]

2008_Q4-NISO_Update_Winter_2008 [pdf; 1mb]
2008_Q3-NISO_Update_Autumn_2008 [pdf; 734kb]
2008_Q2-NISO_Update_Summer_2008 [pdf; 666kb]
2008_Q1-NISO_Update_Spring_2008 [pdf; 881kb]

2007_Q4-NISO_Update_Winter_2007 [pdf; 400kb]
2007_Q3-NISO_Update_Autumn_2007 [pdf; 339kb]
2007_Q2_NISO_Update_Summer_2007 [pdf; 301kb]
2007_Q1_NISO_Update_Spring_2007 [pdf; 2mb]