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Seminar: REACH for Downstream Users
Date/Time: 2 March 2017; 14.30hrs to 16.45hrs
Venue: Oranmore Lodge Hotel, Galway
Fee: €50 NISO members / €75 non members

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Seminar Topics: 

  • use of chemicals
  • description of chemicals
  • industrial users of chemicals
  • professional/trade users of chemcials

Registration: 14.00hrs
Start time: 14.30hrs
Tea/Coffee break: 16.00hrs
Q&A: 16.20hrs
Close: 16.45 hrs

Seminar: REACH for Downstream Users
This seminar is aimed at “downstream” users of chemicals – particularly SMEs, small trades and service providers – who will be preparing to comply with requirements for REACH 2018. Downstream users of chemicals are organisations or individuals:

  • within the European Union / European Economic Area
  • who use a substance, either on its own or in a mixture
  • in industrial or professional  activities
  • formulators and/or end users, including producers of articles

Chemical safety for workers targeted by 2017 EU enforcement project REF-5
As announced by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on 10 January 2017, enforcement authorities in the EU will inspect how safety information on hazardous chemicals is compiled, communicated in the supply chain and followed at workplaces. As the Competent Authority in Ireland, the HSA will be participating in this project. The first inspections are scheduled to begin shortly and will continue throughout the year.

Under REACH a “use” is almost any activity carried out with a substance “as such” (i.e. pure) or in a mixture.

Use: means any processing, formulation, consumption, storage, keeping, treatment, filling into containers, transfer from one container to another, mixing, production of an article or any other utilisation.

Industrial activity: This refers to an industrial site, covering a wide range of production.

Professional activity: This includes craftsmen, and service providers that may or may not have a fixed workplace / workshop.

Examples of such users are flooring contractors, mobile cleaning companies, professional painters, construction companies, farmers, and users of lubricants for equipment such as chainsaws.

Note: the terms “industrial” and “professional” are used in exposure estimation tools to reflect the level of good occupational hygiene practice that is implemented and not necessarily the activity itself.

  • Inspectors will check if the extended safety data sheets (SDS) match the information that chemical manufacturers have supplied.
  • They will go through the Exposure Scenarios (ES) attached to the SDS. An ES described the amount and character of exposure to its hazards when a substance is used for its intended purpose.
  • Inspectors will also check whether workers actually respect the safety information in their workplace.

These issues will be dealt with in the NISO “REACH for Downstream Users” Seminar at 14.30hrs on 2 March in Oranmore Lodge Hotel.

Professor Michael J. Hynes, NUI Galway
Professor Michael J. Hynes, a chartered chemist (CChem) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), is a leading specialist in the area of analytical and environmental chemistry with an interest in occupational health and safety and in depth knowledge of regulations related to chemical substances. Michael also lectures on various aspects of Occupational Health and Safety to Engineering and Postgraduate degree courses.

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